7 Travel Packing Tips for a More Relaxing Journey

Many occasional travelers sabotage their relaxing vacations by making one simple mistake. They over-pack. These are the people you see looking miserable while pulling three giant suitcases through the airport, squishing them into taxi trunks and juggling bags through hotel lobbies. Do they look relaxed to you? The truth is, most people are much happier travelling with a lighter pack, even if that means not having sixteen outfit options to wear to the beach café. Follow these essential light-packing tips, to keep bags to a minimum and enhance vacation relaxation.

7 Travel Tips for a More Relaxing Journey

1. To maximize clothing, try to bundle outfits. For instance, plan at least three shirts that match each pair of pants. Choose no more than three pairs of shoes, one fancy, one casual and one athletic. Don’t bring any item unless it can be worn with multiple other items in your bag. Stick to the basics. You can change up outfits with accessories that take up much less room, such as earrings and necklaces. Include a small bottle of laundry detergent, so you can take care of spills or spots in the sink, hang to dry and wear again. You could also ask if your hotel has laundry service.

2. Invest in travel sizes of each of your favorite toiletries, or buy small refillable bottles. Also, look for two-in-one products that can replace some of your traditional items such as shampoo and conditioner or moisturizer that doubles as body lotion. Pack larger bottles of anything the entire family can share, such as sunscreen and toothpaste.


3. Call ahead to your hotel and find out what they provide in each room as a courtesy. Many hotels provide soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, shower caps, hair dryers and even sometimes hair spray and toothpaste. The more items you can use from the hotel, the less you have to pack and the less it costs you to travel.

4. For families travelling with children, find a kid’s gear rental service in your destination city. These companies offer gear rental for a reasonable fee. You can rent cribs, car seats, bedding, strollers, high chairs, toys, bikes and just about any kind of gear you could need. The company will work with you to create a package of items that suits your family and have it delivered directly to your hotel. This can often be done for the same cost or less than it would be to check the items through the airline, and a lot less hassle. To find a gear rental company in your destination city, try searching Google, yelp.com or post on a local travel board for recommendations.

5. The key to packing light is editing. As a general rule you should lay out everything you think you might want to bring the trip, and then cut it in half. If you plan to shop at your destination, think about what you might buy and how you could use it on the trip. Also, leave space to bring those extra items home with you.

6. That’s not to say you have to omit every comfort item from your bag to travel light. They key is to recognize what is essential for your comfort and what is not. Can’t sleep without your special pillow? Bring it along, but leave your bathrobe, four sets of pajamas and slippers at home.

7. Most of all, pack the travel accessories you’ll need to arrive at your destination rested and relaxed. Not an easy task these days, but the Travel Accessories from Bucky, Inc will help you travel in pure style and comfort!