The Evolution of the Ice Pack

It was a round fabric bag about the size of an overstuffed cheeseburger, with a screw-on cap. Our well-meaning mom would fill it with ice cubes, and we’d clasp it to forehead for a headache or a bruise freshly acquired from the latest bike crash. Generally, it imparted at least as much pain from the wet, hard, frozen lumps inside as it did relief from whatever pain it was supposed to be addressing.

Remember the hot water bottle?

These were usually made of rubber for flexibility, although zinc, copper and glass were not unheard of, incredibly. The rubber ones had a an entertaining quirk in that they were sometimes subject to polymer degradation, so they could fracture without warning after being filled with scalding hot water.

The good ol’ days? Yes, exactly as good as groping around in the back of the TV, trying to figure out which vacuum tube out of the twenty-some in residence back there was the latest failure. Or hoofing three miles to a pay phone on a frigid winter night after your carburetor had succumbed to organ failure.

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