Staple Pieces You Need to Stay Comfortable on a Flight

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Air travel is the optimal choice for traveling long distances. It's quick and sometimes you get snacks and drinks included in your ticket price. Like all things, there’s a downside to being on an airplane and that’s the struggle to stay comfortable.

Airplane seats are usually small and squeezed together so the airline can maximize space to fit more passengers. This can make people feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Knowing what staple pieces to bring on board will help you maximize the space you have and guarantee a more comfortable journey. Having a carry on packing list will help you remember all the essentials, but here’s a few things to consider before you hop on your next flight.


Comfortable Clothing

Flying means you will be doing a lot of sitting and a lot of walking, so make sure the clothes you are wearing are comfortable. Some great options are a pair of loose fitting pants or leggings paired with a soft t-shirt or sweater. Comfortable clothing will allow you to move around when finding which seated position is the most comfortable, and won’t slow you down when hustling through the airport when catching your flight.


Trusty Jacket 

You never know if you’re going to be under the air condition vent or not, or how cold the plane will be. It’s good to always have a jacket with you in case you need it! With the current trends focused so much on staple and structured pieces, you could bring a leather jacket, since quality leather makes for a good insulator. Don’t let the thought of finding such a quality jacket to your wardrobe scare you though – it’s easy to find pieces within your budget and you can easily read about what materials to look for. After all, if you’re going to be traveling so frequently, a small investment like this will keep you chic and comfortable on all your adventures! There’s also cotton jackets if you’re wearing long sleeves or a jean one for both comfort and style.


Soft Travel Scarf

Travel scarves can be super handy on a plane. Are you feeling a little chilly? Wrap it up around your arms or drape it over your lap. Need to some privacy? Drape it over your seat to make a tiny scarf tent to help you sleep. Travel scarves are also a great addition to your light and comfortable travel outfit.


 Slip-On Shoes

If you get frustrated before you get on the plane, you’ll be less likely to enjoy the experience or be able to get comfortable. That’s why you should wear slip-on shoes to the airport! They will make getting through security quick and easy, making the whole trip a breeze.


Throw Blanket

If you’re someone who's naturally cold all the time, bring a throw blanket with you on the plane. It’ll keep your arms and legs warm during your flight, and it’ll be especially useful if you’re having an overnight trip where the provided blankets might be too thin. Some throws even fold into pillows for a two-in-one option!


Neck Pillow

Some people have issues with sitting in one place for too long. It can cause back and joint pains, which is when neck pillows come in handy. Bring one with you if you find your body aching after a plane ride. It’ll allow your spine to release any tension while keeping your head comfortable. Having a neck pillow will also keep you from putting your face against the seat or wall of the plane, which could have unknown bacteria and oils on it that are bad for your skin.


Noise-Cancelling Headphones

One of the worst things to experience on a plan is being sat next to someone who’s a loud eater or snores in their sleep. Don’t go on another trip without investing in a set of noise-cancelling headphones. You’ll find that silence makes your personal space feel bigger and you’ll be able to relax more easily.


High-Quality Eye Mask

Once you’re snuggled up with your travel pillow, throw blanket and noise-cancelling headphones, all you’ll need is an eye mask to help whisk you away to pleasant dreams. Shop around or research online to find an eye mask that fits your head well but not too tight, and blocks any light that might try to get through the fabric.

 What you want to bring on the plane for your own comfort depends on how you want to spend the ride. If you like to sleep, bring everything you need so you can feel like you’re in your own bed or spend your time awake and entertained while not being distracted by things on the plane. Whatever you choose to bring, make sure you always have a few comfort staple pieces with you so you’re prepared for anything.



Kacey Bradley is the lifestyle and travel blogger for The Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us. Kacey graduated with a degree in Communications while working for a lifestyle magazine. She has been able to fully embrace herself with the knowledge of nature, the power of exploring other locations and cultures, all while portraying her love for the world around her through her visually pleasing, culturally embracing and inspiring posts. Along with writing for her blog, she frequently writes for sites like US Travel News, Thought Catalog, Style Me Pretty, and more!

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June 05, 2018 by Annemarie Kelley

Thanksgiving Travel Guide

Fall is in full swing and most of us are fantasizing about our next long break with dances of turkey legs and football in our minds. Yes, we're talking about Thanksgiving (you know, that holiday you celebrate before all the Christmas antics)! The time for gathering, for eating our favorite, traditional meals, and for recounting what we're thankful for this year is only a little over a month away. This also happens to be about the right time to start booking your flight home, preparing for your long weekend getaway, or solidifying plans. That's where we come in. Your Thanksgiving travel guide has arrived! 

1. Plane Travel 

If you're traveling by plane, now is the time to surf for deals before prices soar (no pun intended). Here's a trick--if you've been consistently searching for flights on the same device (be it your laptop, Iphone, tablet, etc.), your search history may be saving this, allowing the prices to show up higher because airlines know you're on the lookout. To potentially see lower prices, delete your search cookies so that you have a fresh history and you just might snag a deal. Not sure how to do that? Click here for the instructions and to learn more about cookies. If you're weary of deleting all of your cookies as it sometimes can be useful for shopping and tailored ads, try using an incognito (private) browser instead. Learn how to switch to incognito on Google Chrome here.   

If you are hoping to get a good deal on your plane ticket, we recommend browsing at 3 p.m. on a Tuesday. Keep in mind that the less convenient of a flight, the cheaper it will most likely be. With that in mind, it's smart to find a flight time that most people wouldn't want. For example, choosing to fly on Thanksgiving early in the morning might be a lot less expensive since it's not as ideal of an option. Same goes with flights that have layovers and different connections. Also do your research and  search for flights with websites like Kayak and Expedia, which compare all prices and find you the cheapest one available.If you live close to the border, you can sometimes save a lot of money by flying from Canada as there's some wiggle room with the currency change--this is especially helpful when looking into international flights. 

It is also helpful to consider traveling light and simply bringing one carry on item for your flight. When you travel light, there's less to do at the airport (like checking a bag and taking a long time at security). When in line for security another tip is to pay attention to the people around you. Avoid families with small children who may take a while and people who have overflowing, unorganized suitcases and bags. Also opt for the left line as most people are right handed and will naturally choose to go to the right line. 

Feeling under-prepared for packing? Not to fear. We have anything you could need for an easier flight.

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2. Travel by Car 

If you're traveling by car for a few hours and want to avoid rush hour, try leaving at six or seven if you don't mind driving at night. A lot of people like to get to their destination before sunset so this means that if you drive in the dark there will be less people on the road and you might get there in better spirits, albeit a little late at night. The same goes for Sunday drives back home. Either plan to arrive home in the early afternoon or late evening to avoid the middle rush where everyone is making their trip back home to get back in time to prepare for a new week. 

Another perk of traveling by car is having ample room to pack everything. If you want to save time and stops, pack a cooler with bottled water, fruit, sandwiches, and snacks for the day's drive. This way you won't be stopping for lunch halfway through like everyone else. As an added bonus, you can also store your homemade treats for Thanksgiving in the cooler as well and make the day of less busy and stressful with all that cooking.  

3. Train Travel 

Train travel doesn't get enough credit. Sure, it generally takes longer than driving or flying, but if you have a sense of adventure and extra time to get there it can be fun. When you travel by train, you don't have to experience road rage or pre-flight jitters. Instead, you get to sit back and watch the scenery or read a book. One of the best perks of train travel is seeing landscapes that you normally wouldn't since you aren't taking the interstate. Depending on where you are, you might get incredible views of mountains or winding hills and lines of green trees. If you're traveling by train over Thanksgiving, you might just beat the crowds. 

We hope we've helped you get the ball rolling for transportation tips and tricks for this coming Thanksgiving and may your long weekend be as relaxing and comfortable as possible. To shop all things travel and comfort for your upcoming trip, visit us here. 

The Ultimate Checklist of Things to Do Before Leaving for Vacation

We know how stressful planning for a trip can be. There are so many details to remember and things to do before leaving on vacation. The worst feeling is being in route and remembering something you forgot!
Luckily for you, we've teamed up with Beach Properties of Hilton Head and put together the ultimate checklist of things to do before leaving on vacation
As you can see, everything from to-do's at home and even at work are outlined, covering all of your necessary bases.
Take a deep breath, plan at ease & enjoy your long awaited vacation.
Happy Traveling!
The Ultimate Checklist Of Things To Do Before Leaving On Vacation created by Beach Property of Hilton Head
Click [HERE] to download.
May 22, 2017 by Annemarie Kelley

7 Travel Packing Tips for a More Relaxing Journey

Many occasional travelers sabotage their relaxing vacations by making one simple mistake. They over-pack. These are the people you see looking miserable while pulling three giant suitcases through the airport, squishing them into taxi trunks and juggling bags through hotel lobbies. Do they look relaxed to you? The truth is, most people are much happier travelling with a lighter pack, even if that means not having sixteen outfit options to wear to the beach café. Follow these essential light-packing tips, to keep bags to a minimum and enhance vacation relaxation.

7 Travel Tips for a More Relaxing Journey

1. To maximize clothing, try to bundle outfits. For instance, plan at least three shirts that match each pair of pants. Choose no more than three pairs of shoes, one fancy, one casual and one athletic. Don’t bring any item unless it can be worn with multiple other items in your bag. Stick to the basics. You can change up outfits with accessories that take up much less room, such as earrings and necklaces. Include a small bottle of laundry detergent, so you can take care of spills or spots in the sink, hang to dry and wear again. You could also ask if your hotel has laundry service.

2. Invest in travel sizes of each of your favorite toiletries, or buy small refillable bottles. Also, look for two-in-one products that can replace some of your traditional items such as shampoo and conditioner or moisturizer that doubles as body lotion. Pack larger bottles of anything the entire family can share, such as sunscreen and toothpaste.


3. Call ahead to your hotel and find out what they provide in each room as a courtesy. Many hotels provide soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, shower caps, hair dryers and even sometimes hair spray and toothpaste. The more items you can use from the hotel, the less you have to pack and the less it costs you to travel.

4. For families travelling with children, find a kid’s gear rental service in your destination city. These companies offer gear rental for a reasonable fee. You can rent cribs, car seats, bedding, strollers, high chairs, toys, bikes and just about any kind of gear you could need. The company will work with you to create a package of items that suits your family and have it delivered directly to your hotel. This can often be done for the same cost or less than it would be to check the items through the airline, and a lot less hassle. To find a gear rental company in your destination city, try searching Google, or post on a local travel board for recommendations.

5. The key to packing light is editing. As a general rule you should lay out everything you think you might want to bring the trip, and then cut it in half. If you plan to shop at your destination, think about what you might buy and how you could use it on the trip. Also, leave space to bring those extra items home with you.

6. That’s not to say you have to omit every comfort item from your bag to travel light. They key is to recognize what is essential for your comfort and what is not. Can’t sleep without your special pillow? Bring it along, but leave your bathrobe, four sets of pajamas and slippers at home.

7. Most of all, pack the travel accessories you’ll need to arrive at your destination rested and relaxed. Not an easy task these days, but the Travel Accessories from Bucky, Inc will help you travel in pure style and comfort!



May 15, 2017 by Annemarie Kelley

Travel More Gracefully

Travel can be very fun and exciting. Traveling for work can be difficult. But, traveling during the peak summer periods can be more difficult than at other times of the year.

travel with Bucky
Some people love to travel and find every aspect of the trip to be a wonderful experience. However, most of us look at travel as an adventure with possible pitfalls and we must guard ourselves to prevent negative outcomes. The stress of traveling can take a toll on our physical health and possibly on our emotional well being. For example, stress from travel can lead to: poor rest while sleeping, fatigue, and sometimes low back, neck or shoulder pain from tension in the muscles of the back. The emotional challenges may include loss of concentration, anxiety, anger/frustration, or even sadness/depression. These symptoms of travel related stress can be reduced by self-care.

Since we cannot avoid all travel and travel during peak summer periods can be most stressful, we need to learn what we can do to lessen the inevitable stress. Regular physical exercise such as walking, running, swimming, or bicycle riding can reduce some muscle tension and can help with relaxation. Careful adjustments to diet can help with stress management including eating less sugar or caffeinated products.

To make you more comfortable and to reduce stress during travel, you can consider the benefit of making your body more supported while you travel. Bucky’s Neck Pillow is perfect because it can support your head and neck while you travel. A lumbar support pillow can help to relax the muscles of your lower back while in the car, plane, or on the train while traveling. Bucky’s Lumbar Support Pillow is a quality product that is perfect for this function.

 If you do not have to do the driving, Bucky’s Eye Mask can offer you relaxation that can help prevent headaches while resting your eyes and relaxing muscles of the face. The benefits of the Eye Mask increased dramatically if you can take some quiet time to relax or to meditate during your travels. This can make your travel experience much more productive and enjoyable.

Remember to allow a little extra time when you are traveling to sit back comfortably, take a deep slow breath, and enjoy the present moment. If you are more relaxed the experiences you have along the way will give the trip more flavor and perhaps help to teach memorable lessons along the way.

I’m Dr. John Mason, founder of the Stress Education Center and guest writer for the I love My Bucky Blog.

Travel safely.

February 09, 2017 by Annemarie Kelley