Travel More Gracefully

Travel can be very fun and exciting. Traveling for work can be difficult. But, traveling during the peak summer periods can be more difficult than at other times of the year.

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Some people love to travel and find every aspect of the trip to be a wonderful experience. However, most of us look at travel as an adventure with possible pitfalls and we must guard ourselves to prevent negative outcomes. The stress of traveling can take a toll on our physical health and possibly on our emotional well being. For example, stress from travel can lead to: poor rest while sleeping, fatigue, and sometimes low back, neck or shoulder pain from tension in the muscles of the back. The emotional challenges may include loss of concentration, anxiety, anger/frustration, or even sadness/depression. These symptoms of travel related stress can be reduced by self-care.

Since we cannot avoid all travel and travel during peak summer periods can be most stressful, we need to learn what we can do to lessen the inevitable stress. Regular physical exercise such as walking, running, swimming, or bicycle riding can reduce some muscle tension and can help with relaxation. Careful adjustments to diet can help with stress management including eating less sugar or caffeinated products.

To make you more comfortable and to reduce stress during travel, you can consider the benefit of making your body more supported while you travel. Bucky’s Neck Pillow is perfect because it can support your head and neck while you travel. A lumbar support pillow can help to relax the muscles of your lower back while in the car, plane, or on the train while traveling. Bucky’s Lumbar Support Pillow is a quality product that is perfect for this function.

 If you do not have to do the driving, Bucky’s Eye Mask can offer you relaxation that can help prevent headaches while resting your eyes and relaxing muscles of the face. The benefits of the Eye Mask increased dramatically if you can take some quiet time to relax or to meditate during your travels. This can make your travel experience much more productive and enjoyable.

Remember to allow a little extra time when you are traveling to sit back comfortably, take a deep slow breath, and enjoy the present moment. If you are more relaxed the experiences you have along the way will give the trip more flavor and perhaps help to teach memorable lessons along the way.

I’m Dr. John Mason, founder of the Stress Education Center and guest writer for the I love My Bucky Blog.

Travel safely.