5 Tips for Better Sleep During the Week

Deep, restful sleep can oftentimes feel elusive and out of reach, especially during busy week nights. If you're having trouble catching up on your z's, we have five tips to help you reclaim your sleep.

Relax at Home with Hot and Cold Therapy

As the end of October nears, we are slowly adding another blanket to our beds, throwing on extra layers, and grabbing a warmer jacket before leaving the house. Yes, it's definitely getting colder and darker these days. 

The Evolution of the Ice Pack

It was a round fabric bag about the size of an overstuffed cheeseburger, with a screw-on cap. Our well-meaning mom would fill it with ice cubes, and we’d clasp it to forehead for a headache or a bruise freshly acquired from the latest bike crash.
May 08, 2017 by Annemarie Kelley

Enjoy the Spa Lifestyle without the Spa Lifestyle Cost!

Experience the spa lifestyle without the need of a ritzy spa visit. Sure, it’s great to go to a spa destination every once in a while, but for most of us, that’s just not practical. It’s easy and relatively inexpensive to enjoy the spa lifestyle when you know what to really focus on.
February 27, 2017 by Annemarie Kelley

How to Reduce Muscle Aches with Hot/Cold Therapy

Sometimes it seems like existence is just one damn ache after another. We’re not straying into philosophy here, we mean it literally. Headache, neck strain, back pain, aching feet, a seemingly infinite assortment of muscle aches—the human body appears to have an endless repertoire of complaints.
February 09, 2017 by Adrienne Haass