10 Best Travel Apps for the Busy Trip Planner

Make planning your next dream trip simpler with these helpful travel apps! 

When researching a trip, it's natural to feel inundated and overwhelmed by all the options, costs, planning, and work it takes. Once you've been on a long, exciting trip to a new location you understand the saying "I need a vacation from my vacation." As fellow lovers of travel, we understand the struggle to plan and perfect a trip. That's why we've put together this list of ten travel apps you need to download for your next excursion.


1. Travefy

Travefy is a great one stop shop for all your planning, especially for a group trip. Travefy allows you all to view the app and each person can make changes, add to the itinerary, send messages back and forth, and take polls to gain a consensus. This is super useful if you are planning to travel with people who don't live near you or if your travel buds have a crazy schedule and finding time to meet up becomes an issue.Travefy also automatically provides key information about your flights, hotels, restaurants, etc. and puts them where all parties can see them on the app. Plans with Travefy start at $16 a month and offer a 10 day free trial.

2. Hopper

More concerned about the airfare? Hopper is a great app if you have some flexibility on dates and are willing to be patient and wait for the cheapest flight. Hopper will track flights for you when you input your desired destination and date. You'll get a notification when a good flight comes along and they'll advise you on whether you should wait as fares will go down more or if you should jump on it. Heads up: Currently, flights to Hawaii are at an all time low ($300-$400 low) and Hopper will get you the best deal.

3. Hostel World

Hostel World offers private rooms, fun shared spaces, and alcohol friendly events. With over 33,0000 hostel options all around the world, it's a great app for solo travelers looking to connect with others and have some fun.

4. Oasis

If you're looking for something more private, try Oasis. Similar to Airbnb, Oasis achieves that "home meets hotel" concept by combining the quality and service of a hotel with the comfort and authenticity of a home. Oasis is offered in around 24 different cities so check to see if where you're going matches the locations on the app.

5. Cool Cousin

Cool Cousin provides a local experience to visitors by allowing them to check out locals' favorite places to eat, neighborhoods, sights, and more. It's a great way to avoid tourist traps and experience the city like a pro.

6. Happy Cow

If you're looking for places that are vegan and vegetarian friendly, we recommend purchasing the Happy Cow app for $3.99. Used in 10,500 cities worldwide, this app comes equipped with menu options and reviews from customers. 

7. ItsEasy

If you're traveling abroad and need to get your passport renewed, download ItsEasy for a quick and convenient way to take your passport picture. The app emails you the necessary forms and lets you take your photo from your phone--no more going to Wal-Mart and being told not to smile! All you have to do is print the forms, mail them to ItsEasy using the traceable USPS priority airbill provided by the company, and you'll receive your new forms within two to three weeks. The quick and simple process only costs $29.95.

8. My Panda

My Panda is a new app created for travelers and locals that allows its users to track the security of locations, allowing them to find shelter, if necessary, and escape danger. The app assists users in helping them get to safety in the events of a crisis. The app is accessible in the world's 30 largest cities including Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. 

9. SoloTraveler

If you're traveling alone, SoloTraveler is a great app for finding like-minded people to connect with. You can grab dinner together, do some sight-seeing, share a cab, etc. 

10. Maven

Looking for affordable car rentals? Check out Maven for short term car rentals with rates starting as low as $8 an hour. The cars come equipped with OnStar assistance, remote control start, Sirius XM radio, and Apple Carplay. It's currently available in ten U.S. cities. 

We hope these apps will make your planning a little easier and help you have the best experiences!