Why an Eye Mask: Get in the Know

Catch up on your zzzz's with Bucky Eye Masks.

It's midnight, you have an exam tomorrow morning, you're exhausted, but your roommate is up late studying with her lamp on yet again.

Or maybe you've finally made it to your hostel and plan to rise bright and early for your fun day of sight seeing, but one person has their phone set to the brightest setting and it's interrupting your sleep.

Maybe you're a guest at a friend's house or at an Air B'n B and you've settled into your comfortable bed ready for sleep, except the computer monitor keeps flashing bright red.

Or maybe you're at your brand new apartment, settling in for your first night only to be woken up at 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday because the sun has shown right through the curtains you just picked out. 

Well, you get the picture. Sleep is sacred and when we are in new, unfamiliar environments that sleep can be compromised...but it doesn't have to be. With Bucky eye masks, you can keep exploring and stay well rested in the process. Plus you'll look good doing it. Intrigued? Not sure where to begin? No worries, that's where we come in. In this blog post, we will cover the four best eye masks for each type of sleeper. 

 40 Blinks Sleep Masks

Top rated in Good Housekeeping, the Bucky 40 blinks sleeping mask is notorious for its comfort and convenience. With its 99% customer approval rating and hundreds of thousands of sleep masks sold, this is the best option on the market. 

The main reason people can't sleep is too much light—darkness stimulates the body's natural melatonin production, which helps you achieve deep, restful, and restorative sleep. Use the 40 Blinks on flights, during short naps, in college dormitories, or for a better quality of sleep at home. To shop 40 Blink Sleep Masks, click here

Fun Fur Eye Shades

Look fierce in the fun fur eye shades. They are equipped with comfortable, plush fabric, include ear plugs, and are light weight. We also provide matching neck pillows (sold separately) for the perfect combination. To check out fun fur, click here

Chevron Sleep Eye Masks

Another fun option is our chevron sleep eye masks. These masks are perfect for those with smaller faces. They are also ultralight, come in smaller styles, protect your eyelashes, and effectively blocks light. Not to mention they look really cute. For a closer look, click here

Blockout Eye Shades

Blockout eye shades come with reusable ear plugs and were designed specifically for light and sound blocking for the weary traveler or light sleeper. They provide pressure free blinking, an adjustable elastic strap, interior contours, and they pack small. See what you think here

Better sleep is closer than you think and we want to help you get there. To view all products we provide including bed pillows, travel essentials, spa and bath treatment, and kids' items, visit our website here