Woopsies for Kids: Make Nap Time Easy and Fun!

Is nap time beginning to feel like a battle you're never going to win? We understand and we've been there. No matter where you are, the Buckyroo Pillow can help make nap time easier. 

Made in the USA, these soft, huggable kid's pillows are the perfect accessory for nap time at school, at home or on the go. Each pillow is filled with silky-soft millet hulls that cushion and comfort. With the Buckyroo Pillow, nap time can be anytime. If your child is feeling tired and crabby on a road trip, on an airplane, etc., bringing the Buckyroo with you wherever you go can come in handy as it is easy to pack and portable. The softness and comfortable feel doesn't hurt either. 

Covers are removable and easy to machine wash. Our pillows are made with 100% millet hulls, meaning they are chemical free! To shop Buckyroo Pillows, click here

We also know that having a successful nap time can be harder when your kiddos aren't feeling good. Kids will be kids and accidents will happen—soothe life’s bumps and bruises with Bucky’s all-natural hot and cold packs! Soothe fevers, bruises, strains and sprains, insect bites, sun burns, headaches, and more. All Bucky hot and cold packs are made with premium buckwheat seeds, the preferred filling by salons and spas over rice and other grains for its long-lasting hot/cold retention—simply put the packs in the microwave or freezer as needed. All Bucky buckwheat filling is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, eco-friendly, and grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizer.

The Bucky Whoopsies are great for those types of days. They look like fun stuffed animals, but they also help heal and comfort! They are even great for relief from cold or hot days and will warm/cool your child right off, making sleep more attainable. To pick out a Whoopsie for your son or daughter, click here

We are hoping these kids' items will help bring more smiles and less tears, while making things easier on you as well. To shop all of our comfort and travel essentials, click here