Consumers are searching for ways to create balance, relieve stress, relax and increase their quality of life at home or even when they’re on the move.  Bucky provides the products to live healthier, comfortable and peaceful lives.

People frequently write to tell us how delighted they are with Bucky products because of how durable they are, how long they last, the quality of fabric and their ease of use.  We most often hear about the comfort our products deliver.  We essentially provide First Class Comfort – it’s no wonder our customers say…”I love my Bucky!”


Some of our more recent customer Testimonials...

Posted by Janette E on Nov 16,2015

"I am looking forward to receiving my order. After purchasing your pillows from LL Bean
several years ago my husband continues to use his Bucky neck pillow everyday
when watching TV. He absolutely loves his Bucky neck pillow and I am so happy I
have found you! I have ordered him a new one for Christmas! Thank you for making the most comfortable
neck pillows. A loyal customer."

Posted by Kathy on 6 May 2015

"I like that Bucky gives you plenty of filling. The cotton cover is very soft. And I really like having the zipper to add more buckwheat hulls (or subtract) if you need to."

 Posted by Bill on 14 April 2015

"(Woopsies is a ...) wonderful product that my daughter loves for all life's woopsies. Bucky also has great customer service!"

 Posted by TJ on 13 March 2015

"Gives your back the support it deserves"

 Posted by TJ on 13 March 2015

"I was without this miracle for almost 3 years. I am soooo happy to finally have another one!!!! Treat yourself and pick one up. You will not regret it."

 Posted by Melanie on 5th Feb 2015

"Got this for my husband for Christmas - He can not sleep without it. Says it really helps his back!! (spine alignment)"

 Posted by Mat J. on 20th Jan 2015

"I have only had my bucky to sleep with for a week and I seem to have less strain in my neck in the morning and throughout  the day.  Good stuff!!!"

 Posted by Liz S on 12th Jan 2015

"Love the fact that the eye coverings have room for your eyes to open and close, you don't feel locked in. I always tell my husband, it is about time to put my Eye Bra on for a good night sleep. Love it!!!! Highly recommend."

 Posted by Sue M  on 12th Dec 2014

"A perfect sleep mask. It’s lightweight and comfortable. For us ladies who may want to use this on a plane, you can take a quick nap without smearing your eye make-up. You can actually blink with this mask on."

 Posted by Carson Muhlbaier on 14th Jan 2015

"For approximately the past 10 years, I have used the Bucky Buckwheat pillow. During a recent moved, my beloved pillow was destroyed. I searched and searched for a new pillow, but never could find the "Bucky"....trust me when I tell you that there are NO substitutes. I have tried similar pillows, but none are as perfect for me as the Bucky! Luckily, I was able to order a new pillow online through your company, and have been anticipating the arrival of my shipment. Today, I came home from work only to find a nice large box on my front porch.....It's My New Bucky!!!! I also ordered a replacement Utopia Neck Pillow which I never leave home without. I highly recommend all of the Bucky Buckwheat pillows. They are superior support for the neck, the buckwheat husk fillers are cool and so comfortable. If you have any tension/discomfort in your neck, shoulders and upper back, the Bucky pillows are the answer!!! Thank you so much for your exceptional products!"

 Posted by Lori Keiper on 5th Jan 2015

"Eight years ago, my adult son gave me my first Bucky...the small rectangular one. I have used it every winter night since I received it! I pop it in the microwave and tuck it under my covers in my bed. It warms my bed so nicely and STAYS warm well after I fall asleep. It is so comforting! If I awaken in the wee hours and cannot fall back to sleep, I get up and reheat my Bucky and like magic, I fall back to sleep again with it's comforting warmth. This Christmas, I surprised a dear friend with a Bucky of her own...a bit larger than mine because she often has shoulder pain. She loves her Bucky as much as I love mine! She is amazed at how quickly she drifts off to sleep with her Bucky! The quality of this product has not changed one bit. The covers are nicely made and the filling is in just the right amount. The best part is that my Bucky is still going strong after all these winters of daily use! Buy one and you will sleep happily ever after!"

 Posted by Robert McClintock on 14th Dec 2014

"Years ago my wife bought a Bucky for warming my ailing back. I've since had surgery and no longer have the back pains. 
However, my family (2 daughters in their 30's and their families fight over the Bucky for our cold winter nights. My grandsons especially like them stuffed under their down comforters. My wife and daughters like them on their feet at night.

This year, I decided to solve the Bucky shortage and buy everyone their own Bucky!"

 Posted by T. Jones on 23rd Nov 2014

I've got a lot of issues with my neck that I won't bore you with, and this pillow has made my life better. Did it miraculously fix my neck? Nope, not even close - but now I don't make my issues worse just by sleeping. I have been through every type of pillow you can name including the specialty cervical pillows and a super expensive memory foam. This one blows them all out of the water. You can "arrange" the filling so it fits you exactly - and the filling stays put all night.

 Posted by Sara on 23rd Nov 2014

"I have two of these pillows, but it turns out that's not enough, as my husband often steals mine, and I inadvertently left one at our summer place. Time to get a new one! I take it when I'm traveling too--at least by car. I have a smaller one for plane trips."