IdentiGrip Luggage Handle Wrap - Midnight Floral

SKU: BAMZ-551399
Pack Size: 6 pcs/pk

Spot your bag fast wherever you go with Buckys IdentiGrip Luggage Handle Wraps! This ingenious design includes a colorful, cushioned luggage handle with a hidden luggage tag window on the inside so your contact information or business card is easily accessible and your belongings secure. Never worry for your bag again—heavy duty Velcro securely adheres the wrap around your bag handle, and a shock cord adds additional security.

These durable, eye-catching luggage handles are a great addition to luggage, backpacks, laptop bags, ski poles, sporting gear, and more! Far superior in visibility to traditional luggage tags, find your bag immediately at the airport, sporting events, or on the slopes. For a complete look, coordinate your luggage handle with Buckys 40 Blinks Sleep Mask and the Minnie Compact Neck Pillow for luxurious comfort on the go.

Product Q & A

How do I clean my Identigrip Luggage Handle Wrap?
Hand wash. Hang to dry.

Is there a place to insert my contact information in the wrap?
Yes, there is a window inside of the wrap where you can write down your contact information or insert a business card.

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