5 Secret Ways to Master the Art of Upsell in Your Salon

Before we dive in, let’s cover the very basics: What is upselling? And why should you be doing it?

Upselling is a strategy to make a larger overall profit by adding extra goods or services to your product.

Why should you be upselling in your salon? Not only is upselling a direct benefit to you, it builds client trust and rounds out your services, all while creating a better customer experience.

Let's dive in! Here are 5 ways to master the art of upselling...


#1. Be Strategic About Timing

Your client has booked a service and is now checking in. This is the perfect time to present them with upgrades or embellishments to their service.  Show your expertise on the different available options. Your goal should be to better their customer experience, leaving your salon well-serviced and cared for.


#2. Understand the Power of Recommendation

We all know the power of reviews and personal product recommendations. Your client will be looking to you as an expert in your field, so what you recommend or products you rave about hold a lot of weight.

Offering the service of eyelash extensions? Talk about your personal love for the deep-cupped eye masks that protect and lengthen the lifespan of your lashes.

Hairstylist? Talk about your favorite haircare products and why you personally use them on a daily basis.


#3. Don't Overlook Social Media

It's easy to compartmentalized and think of upselling occurring only in the salon, but did you know you can have great success outside as well? Using social media to upsell your services not only is an additional avenue to reach your clients, it covers a large audience at once!

Being careful not to over-sell and experiment with a handful of product based posts in-between your standard posts. Going back to Upsell Point #2, talk about the products you love and tell your followers why they enrich your life! Post pictures of yourself or other clients using them. Present yourself as an expert in the industry where people will turn to you for advice and recommendations.

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